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5 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting My Dissertation

dissertation writing tips

December 22, 2017

One of the biggest academic achievements and obligations one has to complete in order to get a degree or professional qualification is writing and defending a dissertation. Inability to find an answer to the eternal question “how to start a dissertation and arrange the working on it process in a way you succeed?” often makes students procrastinate this activity as well as make them feel very nervous about the inevitable, anyway, upcoming task. Our dissertations tips will help you get prepared for possible writing difficulties and will guide you how to act during panic attacks.

  1. Do you get on well with your supervisor?

    The first thing to do before starting a dissertation is to figure out who will be your supervisor and whether you’ll feel comfortable to consult, keep in touch, turn for advice, receive a feedback from that person. It is crucial to have a mentor you can rely on and who can call your attention to details in case you feel lost or in panic because of the complexity of a topic or any other difficulty on your way.

  2. Treat your dissertation as something grandiose

    To impress your supervisor, members of the commission, your family and friends, the topic of your dissertation shouldn’t necessarily be connected with already well-researched facts, events or phenomena. Your task is to make the audience be interested in even the most obscure material. And the only way to achieve this is to be passionate about what you investigate and write about. So, be very cautious while choosing the topic!

  3. Remember! No work is useless

    Writing a dissertation is a time-consuming strenuous process, which requires maximum diligence and attention. To make your dissertation really informative and flawless, not one hour should be spent on investigation and research. However, don’t get upset if not all of the material you’ve learned can be included in your paper. Your competence in the topic is what really matters.

  4. Don’t let your panic ruin your endeavors

    In the moments of despair, apathy, and hesitation, when the done work seems worthless, the best option is to make a pause and put away the dissertation writing process for a while. From time to time, you are likely to experience that sudden desire to start everything from scratch, which is normal and, luckily, fleeting. Simply don’t let your outbursts of emotions get the upper hand and proceed to writing as soon as spleen passes.

  5. Work on your dissertation regularly

    Writing a dissertation isn’t a one-night duty, but a continuous process, which can be successfully completed only if you’ve worked hard enough on it. Manage your dissertation writing time in a way you have a chance to check it, proofread it, and if necessary change it without any haste.

To sum up, be ready that dissertation writing process will occupy a huge amount of your free time and will be a really daunting but in the long run rewarding process. You’re not the only person, whose thoughts and dreams are absorbed with your dissertation. Stick to working on it and consulting your supervisor on the regular basis, treating your dissertation as an important project you are proud of and you’ll manage to accomplish your biggest academic achievement ever! Good luck!